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Supporting open source software and mitigating architectural risks. Designing quality into software upfront. Raising archtictural awareness throughout the community. And sharing our experiences as we grow.

Architecture Rules
Leverages an XML configuration to assert your java code's architecture via unit tests or ant tasks. Our open source project.
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We want to share with you our experience with software architecture and scalability, and news on the software that we are producing.
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About Us

We are a small crew of dedicated software developers and entrepreneurs. We are interested in building better-than-average software by taking advantage of our experience, and the experience of others. We support, believe in, and rely on Open Source projects, Open Source developers, and Open Source users & supporters.

Like most developers, we want to write fun and interesting software, we want to learn something new along the way, and we want to share that software, and those lessons learned with anyone and everyone who are interested. We hope that you find our writing, to be of high quality, useful, and inspiring. We hope that you find our software to be exceptional, useful, and valuable to your business or endeavor.



Architecture Rules 2.1.1

Assert Your Architecture! with this open source java library. Architecture Rules leverages an xml configuration file and optional programmatic configuration to assert your code's architecture via unit tests or ant tasks. This test is able to assert that specific packages do not depend on others and is able to check for and report on cyclic dependencies among your project's packages and classes. This project wraps a industry accepted JDepend to simplify the process of maintaining a solid software architecture. Read more about this testing tool.

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